About Aladdin

The Aladdin Social Commerce Platform ensamples the word premium and quality, having only authentic and Halal products to represent us. The Aladdin Platform is targeted to operate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bahrain and UAE by the year 2021 and is expected to expand to 40 countries in the following years.

Genuine Products

Over the years online shopping has boomed massively, making online selling an uncontrollable phenomenon, which in turn has has grown to become a massive issue. In Aladdin, our intent is to counter the counterfeit items sold to the mass public. Therefore the products that you find on the platform, is 100% authentic, Aladdin guarantees.

Product Selections

The items you’d find in Aladdin ranges from fashion, beauty cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, food and beverages, lifestyle products and others! With the growing demand of quality products, we believe it is our duty to provide essential items to the public. You’d find over 500 top brands to cater to YOUR needs!

100% Halal

With the ever growing demand for the halal space to be catered to, we are ready to shoulder the responsibility of taking Halal standards into the digital age. With multiple certification bodies to regulate the products onboard the platform, we ensure you that every single product has been through a rigorous vetting process. Now you can just buy things like a kid in a candy store!

International Products

Ever thought of wearing a beautiful dress from Kazakhstan for a dinner? Ever wanted to try out the cosmetics from South Korea? Or how about getting some Thai food on a lazy Friday night? Well enough thinking, time to start buying! With our network from all across the globe, we encourage you, no, we challenge you, to try something new. No more fear, it’s time to discover!

There is a sense of purpose that is infinitely exciting. To bridge, grow and provide. We are showing the world that authentic and Halal is truly for everyone. We are The Future of Authentic & Halal Commerce.